My First Sale!

When I started this journey in 2016 I didn’t know where it would take me. I remember my first sale though. So exciting and scared because I wanted it to be perfect. Well at that time my hubby had to go travel for work so I went with him. As I was there I was able to finish the blanket. I really love this blanket because I felt so excited to finally finish it and knowing that it already had a home.

My customer loved it so much that she also ordered a graduation sash from me. I love that my customers loved my products and the mother she gifted too loves it too.

Below is my excitement and information with pictures of my first sale.

Well I am finished! I did a mini “photo shoot” where we are now. I sent them to my client and she loved it! 

This blanket took me 40hrs and 30mins. So I should be able to do a couple more blankets before we go back home.

Now time to take a break for this weekend (if I can manage it), and think of another blanket to make so I can list it on my shop.

Here are the few pictures that I took. I can’t wait until I get a second order. Hopefully soon! 

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