Husbands Scarf Memories

A couple of years ago I started on a new project. My husband has been wanting a new scarf so I had him pick out some yarn from my Yarnbox subscription stash. He quickly picked out a beautiful mixed color yarn.

This yarn is so soft and fluffy a part of me didn’t want to start it. Of course finally I unwound it and had to roll it into a ball. The yarn feels so soft every time I work on it I feel I might break it. It took me a couple of days to see which pattern I wanted to use.

Going to my trusty crochet book I looked for several days until I found the patterned I liked. Of course being that I am learning how to used this type of yarn and the pattern I picked I have had to unravel it several times until I was satisfied that I got it right.

I am using a stitch counter and writing the steps down in my writing journal. I am also timing myself…so I have had to delete those times and erased those numbers several times before I got it right.

I am noticing that you really can’t see the pattern details as much as I would like. I don’t know if it is because of the type of yarn and color; or I may have used the wrong needle for it. I know most yarns give recommendations and using this yarn I did follow them. The end result looks awesome to me.

Enjoy the pictures and here is the Link to the yarn review video and for the yarn details. Below are the pictures please let me know what you think.

My Own Website!

I finally took the plunge! I am no longer a free website. I now own my domain, the name is I am so excited! so the next couple of days I will be revamping the look and adding selling options and all that good stuff!

I have also put most of my post into the draft folder to give them a new look and see what I can do to make them better.

I will no longer be selling at Etsy. This is the dedicated website for my blog and selling platform. Look for new listings in the upcoming days.

Thank you for all of your support I hope that you continue your support. If you are new to my blog please subscribe and get ready to read interesting topics on my projects, sales, and reviews on products that I use.

For my official opening I will be posting a sale so look for it soon!!