My First Baby Quilt

So I started making baby Quilts. So far I have made two and they came out amazing! I truly loved the challenge and can’t wait until I make more! This post will be on my first baby quilt I made a couple of months ago.

The first Quilt I made was a gift to a family member. It took me about 3 months to make because I kept second guessing myself. I went to a new fabric store, and ohhh I loved it! I will be posting my thoughts on this new fabric store soon!

So basically I went to the store and told them that I have never made a quilt so I needed a simple pattern and something I didn’t need to “think” to hard. They sold me on a one piece panel and they helped me in figuring out how much fabric I needed to do the border. Then she basically explain the best way to sew it and also told me that if I had any questions or got stuck to call them or bring it in and they will help me figure it out.

Thankfully I didn’t need any help, I did have to redo the batting several times because I just couldn’t get it the edges even out. I really loved how it came out. Afterwards I thought maybe I should have used a softer fabric because it was a bit on the ruff side.

Here are the pictures I took. I love those vibrant colors and that beautiful flower! I want to make more but I think I will just advertise these as quilt covers, maybe I can make like a bed set for it…

100% cotton, organic non-bleached batting and everything was prewashed before sewing and afterward. I always use the baby stage 1 detergent because of course this is for a baby!

Just had to show the backing. I truly loved the help they gave me on picking this out.

Isn’t that a beautiful flower! I made it with straght stitches vertically and horizontally. Of course I have a small sewing machine so there are some not so straght lines but it does give it character.