First Infinity Scraf and YouTube review

A coupl of years ago, I started working on a personal gift for a family member. It wasn’t going on as well, It started to twist and looking back at the YouTube video that I got the pattern from I knew where I made my mistake. I wasn’t putting my stitches in the appropriate back stitches it needed to be in.

So I had to unravel it and start all over again. This time it was coming out just how I wanted it too.

Go to my YouTube channel Hook and Sew by Liza, to hear my review on the yarn that I used. Below I’ll put the details of the yarn and the company of the yarn used. So here are a few pictures of it finished. I didn’t try it on because it is a gift and I like for the wearer to be the first to try it. so I basically wrapped it around some hotel towels and went to the courtyard we have right outside.
I loved this experience and I can’t wait to do more. I’m actually thinking of including exotic luxury yarn products to my Etsy store. Of course it will be limited amounts and of course right now exclusively for babies and toddlers.
Let me know what you all think..

The red and grey you see is my jacket. I didn’t want to risk the scarf to snag on anything. It is the same color, but I am using my android phone so it seems like they are different colors but not.
Yarn details:

100% recycled cashmere

140 yards per skein

Jade Sapphire Extoic Fibers