My First Baby Quilt

So I started making baby Quilts. So far I have made two and they came out amazing! I truly loved the challenge and can’t wait until I make more! This post will be on my first baby quilt I made a couple of months ago.

The first Quilt I made was a gift to a family member. It took me about 3 months to make because I kept second guessing myself. I went to a new fabric store, and ohhh I loved it! I will be posting my thoughts on this new fabric store soon!

So basically I went to the store and told them that I have never made a quilt so I needed a simple pattern and something I didn’t need to “think” to hard. They sold me on a one piece panel and they helped me in figuring out how much fabric I needed to do the border. Then she basically explain the best way to sew it and also told me that if I had any questions or got stuck to call them or bring it in and they will help me figure it out.

Thankfully I didn’t need any help, I did have to redo the batting several times because I just couldn’t get it the edges even out. I really loved how it came out. Afterwards I thought maybe I should have used a softer fabric because it was a bit on the ruff side.

Here are the pictures I took. I love those vibrant colors and that beautiful flower! I want to make more but I think I will just advertise these as quilt covers, maybe I can make like a bed set for it…

100% cotton, organic non-bleached batting and everything was prewashed before sewing and afterward. I always use the baby stage 1 detergent because of course this is for a baby!

Just had to show the backing. I truly loved the help they gave me on picking this out.

Isn’t that a beautiful flower! I made it with straght stitches vertically and horizontally. Of course I have a small sewing machine so there are some not so straght lines but it does give it character.

Face Mask

With the pandemic going and other personal life events I wasn’t able to make face mask to either sell or for personal use. So for awhile we just bought ours.

Now that I have time I have started to make them. I have decided that right now I will not be selling them. There are many people that do not have access, financial means or are forgotten and do not have one.

Now I love First Responders and I thank them for their service on here and everywhere I see them. I pray for them and their families and hopefully they do not get this deadly virus. Saying that my hubby and I have decided to donate these face mask to foster / adopt agencies, non-profit organizations that distrubute a mass quantitiy to other countries, Native Americans, Teachers etc.

The following are a list of charities that we love and have donated face mask too.

The first charity that I donated to was Hannah’s Childrens Home. This is Foster/adop agency. They provide so many services for their Foster families and also help adoptable children find their forever home. They also help foster families through out the program with supplies for the children, answer any questions they may have and keep records of the child’s well being and if old enough school records.

The second organization I donated to is The Robonauts, which is a group of very intellegent kids teaching kids about leadership and stem. They also have joined with American Woman Association to donate face shields to first responders and through out the world. They also have added face mask donations. They also have a go fund me page to which helps them to not charge for the face shields and mask. If you would like to donate to their cause click here.

They have now donated to Native American reservations, Hospitals and other countries.

On our list was our dear friend that owns his own martial arts studio called 1st Class Martial Arts. They have a few instructors and have a lot of kids that love going there to learn about leadership skills, bully prevention and how to respond to a bully. They have different day camps to help with moderate digital schools, day camps and even parent nights.

In the end I know I set up my buisness to make money but sometimes you have to do the right thing and use a skill to help others in anyway you can. I am going to start selling but for donation purposes, meaning someone can purchase mask but it will be for a charity of their choice. I will be setting up a link soon for that.

Here are a few pictures of the mask I have made.

This was given to Hannah’s Childrens Home.

This was given to the Robonauts. Also these have holes to insert paper towels or filters. They also have aluminum nose stirps.

Given to the Robonauts

Given to the Robonauts

Given to 1st Class Martial Arts

Made some for my family as well.

Love how they came out

My Own Website!

I finally took the plunge! I am no longer a free website. I now own my domain, the name is I am so excited! so the next couple of days I will be revamping the look and adding selling options and all that good stuff!

I have also put most of my post into the draft folder to give them a new look and see what I can do to make them better.

I will no longer be selling at Etsy. This is the dedicated website for my blog and selling platform. Look for new listings in the upcoming days.

Thank you for all of your support I hope that you continue your support. If you are new to my blog please subscribe and get ready to read interesting topics on my projects, sales, and reviews on products that I use.

For my official opening I will be posting a sale so look for it soon!!